About me

Welcome. My name is Faizan Waheed and I am a Doctor by profession. Bodybuilding has been my passion for the last 5 years. My love for fitness started when I was in 2nd year of med school and got serious when I graduated during my House Job. When I decided to this professionally there were people around me who not only scared me but they also discouraged me that I am wasting my time and my money and I will be not be able to achieve anything by doing this. But I didn’t give in to their criticism and focused on positive aspects and kept doing it because I knew that I’m lapping everyone on the couch and I have been working out since and hope to continue this for a long time and by the grace of GOD in a matter of 10 months I have more than 60000 followers which are growing day by day. I have been working out since and hope to continue this for a long time.

I’ve started an online fitness program in which I help people with this health and fitness problems and help them achieve their fitness goals. I took this initiative because people; especially in my country didn’t appreciate fitness … and I want to change that and wish to create a platform for youngsters and new coming guys. And since I am a doctor myself, not only I can help others with nutrition related things but I can also persuade people about how positive of a thing fitness is .Because people usually say that they can’t do it because they don’t have time especially working class, but i believe u can make time for anything if that is important to you. I work 2 clinics and In 2 different cities but still I manage time for my meals and workout routine and I believe that everyone can do the same.

I want to build a stay healthy and fitness community and I would love to help anyone and everyone who wants that. I tell my clients that I give 100% of myself and expect the same in return. I am a trainer of dedication, devotion, compassion, and passion for my clients and my followers. I am a “real” person who holds nothing back. I hold true to that philosophy in my personal training as well. I love my clients, am honest and pull no punches when it comes to giving and telling them what they need to be successful. Of course, I do this in a way that is encouraging because discouragement gets no-one no-where. This is how I live my life and I would be a hypocrite to teach something I did not believe and do myself.

 I believe that getting healthy should be affordable for everyone, and with your help, I have hope that I will be able to dedicate more online time with you. I can’t wait for this journey with you to unfold and to create a fitness community full of motivation, fun, guidance, fitness and exercise examples, meal plans, healthy recipes, videos, support, and member support.I compensate through constant communication via email, phone calls and Social Media.  I write up a weekly schedule for each client and ask that they provide me feedback at the end of the week detailing how it went. The more feedback I get from them, the more effectively I can make up the following week’s schedule for them,”

I live What i Teach